Jun 05

How to learn a new skill

Every dude has something he’s wanted to learn for a long time, but he keeps putting it off. You wanna bet? You come back to this idea from time to time, you talk yourself into it, you promise yourself, you fantasize about how cool it’s gonna be to do both, but it’s still there. That’s […]

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Jun 03

How do you learn to truly appreciate yourself

In an excerpt from Alex Narbut’s book “How to become a master of communication with any person, in any situation. All secrets, hints, formulas” describes an exercise that helps you learn to appreciate yourself. In addition, there are several rules to follow in order to increase self-esteem. This exercise is not meant to be performed […]

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Jun 01

How to learn how to make money: 10 practical tips from professionals

More and more young people see themselves in the information field. They are not interested in ordinary professions, maybe it is right, because the future belongs to innovative technologies. Everyone wants to ensure a cloudless future for themselves and their loved ones, a good income, so that they do not need anything. If you are […]

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May 27

How do you learn to drive well from scratch?

The old song sang, “Cars are literally full…” And you can really see cars everywhere. If earlier it was considered luxury, and it could be bought only by wealthy people, now the car is owned by almost every person. In today’s world, especially in megacities, where residents need to drive several tens of kilometers every […]

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