How can you help your child deal with the stress of grades?

Grading for knowledge is a cause of stress for many students. Even in the case when the child receives a positive assessment for the completed task, he can become a victim of stress.

Why is this happening? There are several reasons for grade stress:

The child is afraid that he will be scolded at home for a bad grade. Often, parents themselves create a stressful environment in the family associated with the grades received. This is what happens in families where parents believe that their child deserves only the best, including grades.
The child tries to get a good grade, but he fails due to his individual ability to learn the subject. He is upset because of the disappointing result and is afraid to disappoint his relatives with this.
The child tries to get a good grade and gets it, but the stressful state absorbs it due to nervous tension. This is what happens to vulnerable and impressionable children.
The different attitude of parents to the received grades and can also lead to stress in him. This usually happens in families where one parent makes sure that the child gets good grades, and the other parent inspires that these grades are worthless.
Personal circumstances in a student’s life can lead to the fact that a diligent and intelligent child cannot cope with the school curriculum. This is due to a number of specific reasons: health, someone close; own poor health; lack of time to prepare lessons lead the child to a state of stress due to the received unsatisfactory grades.

How to help the child overcome the state of stress and treat the received assessments adequately?

It is necessary to pay sufficient attention to the child when doing homework. Do not do the exercises instead of the child, but first look at how he copes on his own. If something does not work out for the child, it is necessary to pay attention to the incomprehensible moment, discuss the task with the child, try to explain what he himself cannot cope with.

It is necessary to adequately treat the grades and that the child brings from school.

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In no case should you scold the teacher for the poorly evaluated work done by the child at home in the company of adults. Despite the fact that such homework was done correctly, in beautiful handwriting and without blots, the teacher may lower the mark for obvious adult interference in the work. This is not a bad assessment for the parent, but a hint that the child should be able to work independently. Of course, every teacher knows the real abilities of each of his students and will immediately understand whether he studied himself or with someone else’s help.

It is important that both parents have the same attitude towards the child’s grades and do not punish for an accidental bad grade.

Diligent and receptive children need to be convinced that getting a satisfactory grade is not a big offense.

Recommendations: it is necessary to talk with the child about the grades received, learn about his own attitude to the assessment of his knowledge and support in difficult situations.