How do you learn to drive well from scratch?

How do you learn to drive well from scratch

The old song sang, “Cars are literally full…” And you can really see cars everywhere. If earlier it was considered luxury, and it could be bought only by wealthy people, now the car is owned by almost every person. In today’s world, especially in megacities, where residents need to drive several tens of kilometers every day, a car has become a means of transportation. If you dream to learn how to drive a good car from scratch, this article of the site Our site will tell you everything about driving technique.

What do you need to know to drive a car
Theoretical part
First, let’s look at a couple of organizational driving moments. Before you start learning to drive, you need not just to read, but to learn traffic rules (traffic rules), along with road markings and signs. The rules must be learned, because it depends on your life and the lives of other road users. For this purpose it is worth to use special textbooks, in which everything is clearly demonstrated. In addition, in the World Wide Web you can find educational video lessons, as the driving itself, and traffic rules. Also, our website advises to buy a collection of examination tickets for traffic rules, or pass online tests, services that provide such services, a lot. This will teach you how to apply your theoretical knowledge in practice, and will help you pass the driving licence test.

Let’s take a short summary of what you will need to study traffic rules:

PDD textbook (with illustrations)
RFP Examination Tickets
Practical part
Driving a car is not only a physical ability to drive a car and know the rules, you need to look deeper. When you eat, you need to keep an eye on the road at all times: through the side and windshield, and the rearview mirrors. You need to keep an eye on pedestrians and drivers of other vehicles. In other words, you need to keep an eye on the traffic situation at all times: for speed, for trajectory selection and for emergency response to avoid an emergency situation. True, this does not mean that you need to be constantly tense and look for all the details of the road – no, at first it will be difficult, but then you will develop a habit, it is important – to get used to it from the beginning.

How not to be afraid to drive.

How do you learn to drive well from scratch

Before you start driving, you shouldn’t be afraid of the car itself. This is more about girls – they are most often afraid, and this is the biggest mistake, because until you stop being afraid, you will not be able to learn to drive well from scratch, because you must always be calm when driving. To defeat the fear of the “iron horse”, first, just start it and press the gas pedal. This will allow you to get used to the speeding of the engine, its sound, and the car itself.

What about the fear of driving itself, that’s the next stage to deal with. In order not to be afraid to drive, you need to start learning on a special road or platform, where you will be yourself. And once you have mastered the skills of driving, you can try to go to the city streets, however, initially in a place where there is no heavy traffic.

In order not to be afraid that you will turn the wrong way, or that there will be a lot of people or cars on your way, you need to think in advance about the route, if it will be long – it is not afraid, it is important that the traffic is not too much. Then you should think about the route. When you feel more confident, the opposite is true for busier routes so that you have experience in different traffic situations. To make it easier for you to do it all better, so that you have an experienced driver sitting next to you who will help you cope with all the difficulties and mistakes.

The last thing worth noting at this point is your shoes and clothes. Shoes should not have thick soles. The best shoes are those on a strong but thin sole that slides well on the pedals. This will help you feel the car’s pedals well. For girls to feel normal, you should not wear shoes on a large platform or in heels. And the clothes should be free so as not to stiffen your movements.

Preparing to leave
Before you start driving, you have to check the car – that’s the basis. A check consists of these actions:

Visual inspection. Before leaving the car park or garage, you should check everything thoroughly. Make sure there are no leaks under the car. If anything is noticed, try to identify where the leak was from and fix the problem. Then look at the tyres, they should be inflated. If there is a puncture, replace the wheel. It is also worth checking the operation of external lights: front and rear lights, and turn signals.
Adjustment. When you sit in a car, especially if it is not your vehicle or you just sat down after someone else, you need to adjust the driver’s seat: the angle of inclination, the distance from the steering wheel, and if the car’s device allows it, adjust: the height of the steering column and the height of the seat. Then adjust the side and centre rearview mirrors.
Safety regulations. Before you move, be sure to fasten your seatbelt and make sure the rest of your passengers do the same. Check that the brake system is working. Before driving, make sure you do not interfere with other motorists or pedestrians. That is, you should allow all people and vehicles that are moving in the opposite direction.

Now let’s touch the driving technique directly. To begin with, we will tell you how to properly touch a manual gearbox. Remember: the right foot works with the accelerator pedal is the right foot and with the brake pedal is the central pedal, and the left foot only with the clutch pedal is the left foot.

How to start and stop the car.
To start the car, turn the ignition key to the ACC position, then turn the key to the ON position, after ten seconds turn it to the START position, as soon as the car starts, release the key, it will turn itself to the ON position. To turn it off, turn the key to the ACC position.

How to Turn
How to move from a flat place
When you start, you need to touch to do it, turn on the first gear. To do this, depress the clutch with your left foot (left pedal all the way), move the gearbox lever to first gear position. Now put your right foot on the accelerator pedal (right pedal) and press gently so that the arrow on the tachometer points to 2 (the engine should reach 2000 revolutions). Then press the right foot on the brake (central pedal), remove the car from the manual (parking) brake, for this press the button and lower it down. Now move your foot to the accelerator pedal to maintain the gained speed and release the clutch smoothly. When you see that the car has moved, press the accelerator a little bit and continue to release the clutch smoothly. When you are not working with the clutch with your left foot, try to move it to the rest area on the left side of the clutch pedal. Adjust your driving speed with the accelerator pedal: the less you apply pressure, the slower the car will go and vice versa.

How do you learn to drive well from scratch

How to get under the slide
Another very important moment for all new drivers is to start driving under the slide. Everyone knows that if you don’t react quickly and correctly at this moment, the car may stall or roll backwards. First of all, you need to relax – it is important, you need to believe in yourself. There are two ways to get under the slide, the first is for experienced drivers and the second is for beginners.

The first one is also called a “leg flip”. It is used by almost all experienced motorists. This method is that the left foot squeeze the clutch, right foot press the brake to start moving, smoothly release the clutch and when you feel that the car is about to touch, the right foot throws from brake to gas. The engine should accelerate up to 3000 rpm, this will help the car to start moving forward, not backwards.

The second way to move under the slide is to use the handbrake. You are standing on a climb and want to start moving. To do this, depress the handbrake, release the clutch and engage first gear. Now bring the engine to 3000 rpm with your right foot and lock the foot in this position. Then start to release the handbrake gently, gently add gas so that the car does not go into tension. When you release the clutch pedal, control the car’s speed with your right foot (accelerator pedal) and move your left foot to the rest area.

How to change gears

How to go from first to second gear
So, if you’ve managed to move away and you’ve accelerated, you should now change to second gear. This is done to unload the engine, because first gear is the most powerful, and it is only used to move. To change to second gear, you need to accelerate a little, squeeze the clutch all the way out, change gears, start smoothly releasing the clutch and press the throttle at the same time. When the clutch is lifted, move your left foot to the rest area and control the speed with your right foot. Most newcomers wonder when to move to second gear. The answer is: go to second gear almost immediately after you start driving, if you hear the engine starting to choke in first gear, then go to second gear.

How do you go from second to third, and so on.
The principle of switching to a higher gear is the same. Once the car has accelerated to 40 km/h in the second gear, you can switch to the third gear. When you reach 60 km per hour, you can go to fourth gear. Fifth gear is engaged beyond 80 km per hour. Also, when shifting, you should be guided by the tachometer reading, when the values reach 3000 rpm, you can change to a higher gear.

How do you learn to drive well from scratch

How to change to a lower gear
To go from fourth to third, for example, you need to squeeze the clutch, engage third gear, then gently press the gas at 2500 rpm and smoothly release the clutch while adding gas.

How to brake properly.
How to slow down
To reduce the speed – remove your right foot from the gas and apply the brake gently, you may need to change to a lower gear.

How to stop
To stop smoothly, you need to squeeze the clutch and press the brake with your right foot smoothly, the car will stop gradually.

How to back off

To give it back, you have to stop the car completely. Then squeeze out the clutch, move the lever to the rear gear (sometimes it is necessary to lift up the ring, which is located on the gear lever). Make sure there is no one behind you and start driving. Accelerate the engine to 2,500 rpm and lock it in place, then gently release the clutch. When the car is touched, you can add gas.

How to learn to drive a good car
To learn to drive well, you need more practice. Don’t get stuck on unloaded light roads, gradually make your routes more complicated. Drive both during the day and at night – it’s important to be careful and alert. Learn the basics of driving in a driving school and your movements and actions will be controlled by your instructor.

And if you are a girl and think that it is very difficult to drive, but you really want to learn, then we advise you to read the article: How to learn to drive quickly a woman.