How do you learn to read quickly and a lot? Tips and tricks

We tell you how to learn to read more, faster and more effectively.
100 books a year is real. With a superficial calculation is not such a difficult task, because you only need to read one book in 3-4 days. And considering that many of them contain no more than 250 pages, the task becomes easy.

How do you learn to read quickly and a lot

You can read every morning, waking up half an hour before your husband/wife/children, then listen to an audiobook on the way to (and from work) and dedicate 10-15 minutes to the book during breaks between work tasks. Try to do this and see what happens. In a year from now you, not your acquaintances, will be writing in the “results of the year” on the Facebook page that you have read 100 books.

But only desire is not enough. You must read books correctly. To your attention 5 key skills, honing which will help you master the high speed of reading.

Morning evening
In any class it is important that it is not only beneficial, but also enjoyable. Books need to be felt. For example, you are watching new serials with great interest! And books are just as much fun. They are just like soap operas, they can be different, and you don’t have to love them all. One will give you a good time, and the second will give you a deep knowledge of physics, for example.

Therefore, it is better to read scientific literature (nonfiction) in the morning (then the mind is clear and thinking clearly), and fiction – in the afternoon and before bed (perfectly helps to fall asleep quickly!). Adjust the speed of reading according to the type of information and the final goal. With each page you read, you will practice the fundamental skill of speed reading.

Don’t listen to yourself.
In the moments of reading, do you hear your own voice in your head that repeats individual words and phrases? Try to abstract from it and stop saying the text to yourself. As soon as you catch yourself in this class, block it right away.

At first it will be difficult, maybe you will start to hear yourself even more, but then with regular blocking this unnecessary and harmful habit will disappear. If you can’t do it at all, try taking a pencil and clutching it with your teeth. After a couple of days of testing this method, the situation will change exactly and reading will become faster, and you will stop saying words about yourself and in your head.

Keep an eye on your finger.
A simple but very effective method. Use the cursor (if you’re reading on a PC) or move your finger on the page, a fraction of a second ahead of the reading focus. Your eyes and brain will try to keep up, so you can work faster. There is another similar method – bookmark the text that is immediately below the line you are reading and lower it as you read.

Unnecessary information
You’d be surprised at this advice, but it’s very good. It would seem that you should not skip lines and paragraphs, because there may be important information, and then why read if you are not interested in it. It’s logical, but only in part. The point is to quickly get a general understanding about the content of the text. It can be fluently analyzed in whole pieces, without reading individual words. Often it is just so-called water, information that performs one function – to give the text shape and volume.

With each book you read, you can anticipate these fragments and slip through them with your eyes, without wasting time:

pay attention to the first and last paragraphs (these are the most important phrases that give you an idea of the value of this section of text;

How do you learn to read quickly and a lot

read carefully the table of contents and the summary of the book (perhaps you are looking for some specific information and you do not need to read the whole book, but you can only work through a few necessary sections);

anticipate in advance what will happen next in the text.

And the most effective method…
Everything brilliant is simple, and the water under the bedrock does not flow and all that stuff. The point is that no matter how you twist it, but only practice sharpens our skills in any field. There is an opinion that the most optimal period of time for which you can master any skill on a basic level is 20 hours. If you allocate one hour per day for reading (if you are distracted on the social network – start counting again!), in twenty days you will notice progress.

The main thing is to continue and increase the pace. In this case, you can record the number of words you read per minute at the beginning of your literary journey and in intervals. It will increase with every day, with every book.

Do not forget that it is not the number of books you have read that is important. Speed reading skills are best used in a dotted, situational way.