How to get a child interested in math?

Mathematical games including with adding by 3 train attentiveness, memory, abstract thinking, and also broaden the horizons. All of these qualities are necessary for a student’s overall performance and success in a variety of subjects.

Mathematical competence with the help of online courses in mathematics is one of the key criteria for the harmonious development of the child and will help a schoolchild
Demonstrate simple mathematical relationships in the world around them;

Model situations using mathematical relations and measurements;

Realize the role of mathematical knowledge including adding by 5 and skills in personal and social life.

Mathematical Games for Children
1. Hot potato. The children stand in a circle and pass a “potato” in order to the music. The potato is a rolled-up sheet of paper with questions on it (one question per sheet). When the music stops, the child who is holding the rolled paper unfolds the top sheet and answers the question. The game continues.

The questions may be as follows:
how many months there are in a year?
The names of the smaller numerical numbers;
4 ΠΌ = … cm;
2. Four angles. Take four sheets of paper and sign them. For example, one sheet is geometric shapes, the second is numbers less than 100, the third is paired numbers, and the fourth is distance. Place the sheets in the four corners of the room.

Distribute one card each to the children with different concepts. It may say: a square, 74 or 30 meters. The child should take his card to the correct corner.

3. the four corners (with a piece of absorbent cotton). Take a piece of poster board with adding by 10, draw diagonals on it (you will have 4 triangles). Divide the children into 4 groups. Choose a concept that the children will write known facts to: it could be a square or a triangle. Give the sheet to the first team, have them write one fact and hand the wattpad to the next group.

5. Do the math with Google and travel on the internet. Look up distances between cities. Choose several directions from your city to others. These distances can be compared, arranged in ascending or descending order.

6. Count storybook characters or how many times certain words appear in a book.

It is important to involve a child of any age and any level of training in order to interest them in math. It is always better to start small. Throw in a problem that the child is sure to cope with, and then another one that is more difficult.