How to start homeschooling

How to start homeschooling

How to start homeschooling day about 18 million people come to Steam (one of the most popular among gamers Digital Distribution Service). The U.S. government, represented by the National Endowment for the Arts program, video games have been recognized as a form of art. Due to such popularity and recognition (although not universal) the cultural role of video games is quite significant. However, the usefulness of video games in developing mental abilities should not be underestimated either.

Video games are used in many educational institutions around the world. For example, in my university SamSTU (Samara State Technical University), a simple game simulator is used when studying “Ecology”, in which a player must monitor the cleanliness of water bodies near enterprises and take various measures to clean them.

You can benefit not only from specially designed computer games for training, but also from entertainment and public games.

The topic of economics in video games is one of the most popular for complex and meticulous recreation. There are many game genres that directly or casually affect different economic processes and give the player a direct influence on them, which contributes to the learning of information.

How to start homeschooling

The first group includes an extensive layer of games, from casual mobile farms to car simulators. The economic element in them doesn’t play a decisive and sometimes even a significant role. For the reasons mentioned above the detailed classification of this group of games is not just a long process, but practically impossible. Complicating the situation is the fact that in recent years, 15 tools for video game development have become easily available to any user, and therefore in one of the most popular services of Steam gaming distribution, the total number of games, only for 2016, exceeded 10 thousand. That’s why we are going to conditionally divide this group into games like Player-II (AI-Artificial Intelligence) and Player-Gamer.

With the second group, everything is simple. It includes 3 subgenres of simulations: economic, political and how to begin homeschooling urban simulations. Different elements of these genres overlap, so many simulators have more than one genre. It also includes Global Strategies. With their general principle of operation, everything is simple – if a game’s main component are certain economic processes, then they are modeled with assumptions of different nature (pay more attention to certain aspects, simplifying others).

As mentioned above, this class includes almost all existing game genres. A distinctive feature of this subgroup from the Player-Gambler is the ability of players to carry out any economic processes only with the “computer”, and not with each other. Mainly the economic part, in such games, is expressed in possibility to trade or buy some objects from in-game characters or in game menus which carry out their function.

This possibility to sell and buy is one of the basic components of modern games, for it is the simplest and most reliable scheme to encourage the player for progress. For example, if you give the player a certain reward for some actions and allow him to exchange it, it will lead to less interest in further growth, because with a high probability these things were not needed. With the addition of a Buy/Sell system to the games, players have the option of exchanging or selling surplus or uninteresting items and thus buying what they want. For even greater simplification, developers often reward players with the usual currency, which can then be spent.

In some games the buying/selling process is complicated by some factors. Let’s take a series of games as an example. Features that distinguish the trading system of this game from others are: periodically changing range of goods at the merchant, the presence of some goods only in places where their presence will be logically justified, and the presence of a markup on the goods by the merchant (ie, if you sold an item to the merchant for one price, then you will find it in the range with a much higher price).

This experience with a trader (whether physical or abstract) can provide you with a basic knowledge of the market economy.