Mom and son: relationship features

The relationship between mother and son depends on the situation in the family and Complete families – one format. Incomplete, where only the mother brings up the boy, is completely different.

→ In a complete family, both parents are involved in raising children. Mom spoils, regrets, takes care of the child, while dad teaches worldly wisdom and gives an example of how to be a man. The relationship with the mother of the son is trusting, friendly. He sees how roles are distributed in the family, and in the future he will build his relationships in much the same way.

→ An incomplete family is a double burden on the mother. She has to fulfill both roles, combining love / tenderness for her son, and nurturing in him masculinity, stamina, responsibility. Not everyone copes with this task and equally well, since there is a great temptation to try on the image of a great martyr who sacrifices her life for the sake of a child.

A sissy can be a child who grew up both in a complete and in an incomplete family. But objectively, the guy will be more likely to grow up infantile and fall into a painful dependence on his mother in the second case.