Properties and features of the causal body

Like any subtle body, the causal body manifests itself not only at the spiritual level, but also in the material world. The forms of manifestation directly depend on how developed it is. Since causal body and responsible for shaping events, its work will influence how and what a person does in this incarnation:

Is active in life or spends time in reflection;
does negative things or does good;
structures events or lives in chaos.
The causal shell contains information about karma, past and future incarnations, and, most importantly, spiritual experiences. The accumulated karma may be worked off, it has the quality of being nullified and accumulated again, but the information about the spiritual experiences lived through millions of incarnations remains. The causal body is called a gateway to the absolute consciousness. As a rule, most people’s gates are closed, and they cannot use such a valuable resource, and it, unclaimed, goes to the next incarnation.