School: the secrets of adaptation

How can you help your child adapt to school and songs with figurative language faster? How important is it for a first grader to be motivated to study? What nuances should parents consider?

Parents should be attentive to their child during this difficult time for him. Observe some points, and it will be easier for your little student to adapt to school.

A sign of readiness for training.
The entire load, both physical and emotional, will fall on the fragile body. It’s good if the first grader has already started changing teeth. If not, start strengthening his body. Exercise, regimen, proper nutrition, vitamins, homeopathy. In the first weeks, children often get sick, since the immune system cannot cope with such a load.

Having motivation.
Some kids have a playful motivation: they just play school and math workbooks, and according to their own rules. Such a child may get up in the middle of the lesson, start walking around the classroom, or even suddenly go home. Children with the wrong motivation often bring many toys with them to play under the desk. And although the situation may change over time, it is still better for the student to go to school with the intention of studying, not playing.

Sometimes social motivation prevails in children: it is important for them to communicate, make friends, chat in class. It is important for the kid to build relationships with classmates, otherwise he may refuse to attend school.

Your child may be attending class with a commitment to excellence. This is also wrong. In the first grade, grades are not yet given, and getting only A’s is simply not realistic. It is better if the parents set up the kid to receive new knowledge, rather than assessments. Let him be himself, learn to the best of his ability, and not try to justify the ambitions of adults.

At first, the child will be very tired: unusual loads, a new regime, strangers, homework pros and cons, general tension. Make sure your student can rest after school. Someone needs to spend more time on the street, while others, on the contrary, do not have enough daytime sleep. It is normal for a first grader to become aggressive, emotional, and tearful, especially at first.

Only after seven years can a child hold his body in one position for a long time. It is abnormal for babies not to run, not make noise, not be active. If the teacher does not allow all of this to the children, at least do not scold your son or daughter for being too mobile at home. Let the child move more, jump on a trampoline, swim in the pool, play sports.

Feeling like a part of the whole.
Not all children immediately become accustomed to the fact that the teacher addresses the entire class at the same time. Someone is waiting for his name to be called. Therefore, it makes sense to play with the kid at school at home, with toys. This will help the baby to adapt faster in the future.

The only child in the family.
If he did not attend a kindergarten or a development center, the parents may have additional problems. Such a baby quickly gets tired of the company of other children, he perceives their casual touches as aggression, becomes lethargic or, conversely, hyperactive. Try to play contact games with him more often, organize joint leisure with the children of your friends and acquaintances. Try to invite your son or daughter to your classmates, come up with joint games and fun, celebrate birthdays and other holidays together.

Heavy Mondays.
After the weekend, it is more difficult for a child than usual to go to school. Do not rush and scold the baby, do not insist that he quickly go to class, On the contrary, you need to slow down a little, hug and kiss the baby, give him a small toy or a small souvenir from home.

We show attention to the condition of the child.
Be careful not to miss any changes. Listen to what your kid is talking about, what he is playing, how he reacts to conflicts with teachers and classmates, to children’s quarrels among themselves. The child may be afraid of the teacher, especially if she is not like his mother. The opposite situation is also possible, when Marya Ivanovna becomes more important than her parents. This is normal and should not be jealous or critical of the teacher.

Important nuances.
Make sure your child knows where the school toilet is, knows how to use it, and knows how to ask to go out. When it comes to the canteen, warn the teacher ahead of time which foods your toddler is not eating or if they have food allergies. Be sure to bring water, an apple, dried fruit or a banana with you.