Technique using mental counting

Since one of the biggest difficulties is a large number of extraneous thoughts in the head, you can start your practices with this particular meditation technique and

Sit on a hard surface with your back straight and your chin parallel to the floor. Mentally check that the whole body is relaxed
Take a few preparatory slow and deep breaths and exhalations.
Continue breathing evenly and deeply.
Close your eyes. As you inhale, mentally draw the number one in front of you. On the exhale – the number two. Continue counting in this way up to 10, then start at number one. Concentrate fully on the counting and the image of the numbers. If you are distracted or extraneous thoughts appear in your head, start counting with the number one.
Additionally, you can turn on music for meditation.
Be honest with yourself. In the first lesson, it may be difficult to count to 10 without ever going astray. But as concentration develops, this technique will become easier and easier.