Testing software from scratch: what a beginner QA should know.Practice gre tests.

if you’re wondering how to become a test taker from scratch, you’re in the right place. Let’s tell in detail what a beginner QA-engineer needs to know in order to get a job in his specialty. In order not to pour water, we asked Adukar IT course teachers what practical skills you will need, what to read on theory and what you need to be ready for at the interview.

Testing software from scratch: what a beginner QA should know.Practice gre tests.

Basic practice gre tests
Software testing can be manual (manual) and automated. In the direction of testing is divided into load testing and installation testing. Also do not forget about testing security and user-friendliness.

Manual testing is the type of testing that suits the most diligent and attentive. Software testing is carried out manually, without using programs.

Automated testing is performed using software tools. The tester writes a separate code to check the software.

Load testing is also called testing of defining reliability. It is used to verify that the software is working under a long load.

Installation testing checks for problems when loading, installing and uninstalling the program.

Security testing – this type of testing determines whether the software is protected from hacker attacks and also determines whether user data is secure.

User-friendliness testing – in this case, the tester determines whether the user is comfortable with the program.

The testing process itself can be different. For example, it is often practiced to check for ready-made tests, or when a specialist tries and writes new tests during the testing. The third type of testing is free. Testers check software on the basis of their experience.

Already knowing all types of tests, you can determine for yourself in which direction to go deeper and what to pay attention to when learning. For the most attentive and inexperienced testers, manual testing is a good idea. To do automated testing, you need to learn programming languages and understand the kitchen of IT product development. In both cases, you will need theoretical knowledge. Draw it from useful resources.

The list of questions that you’ll be asked at the interview
The first question, of course, will be: why did you decide to become a tester? There is no correct answer, but there are incorrect ones. You should not answer that this is the easiest way to enter IT. Tell us why you are interested in testing. For example, thanks to the work of the tester, a user-friendly and quality product is produced. Tell that you want to be a part of this process.

Then HR or a tech specialist will want to check general knowledge in testing. You can hear the questions: What is testing? What is its purpose? What is an error/bug? You need to answer something like this: “Testing is not just about finding errors. It’s a process that reveals how well a product meets its requirements. An error is not just a cause of incorrect program operation. It is non-compliance with the requirements imposed on the product”.

And, of course, you will be checked for completeness of theoretical knowledge. Prepare answers to the questions: What types/types/classes/methods of testing do you know? How do they differ from each other? What is the essence of the testing process? What stages does it consist of? What types and purposes of test documentation are there?

Practice gre tests online

Testing software from scratch: what a beginner QA should know.Practice gre tests.

To understand the basic aspects of test theory, refer to books by profession.

Three books on testing that you can start with.
The book “Software Testing” by Sam Caner, Jack Faulk, Young Keck Nguyen from A to Z explains testing methods. It contains the stories and experiences of IT companies. The authors give tips for beginners and professionals. The tutorial is not easy to read, but it will replace many other resources.

“Lessons Learned in Software Testing” is a more modern book by the same authors. It is less filled with theory and is suitable for those who like to learn from others’ mistakes. Here you can find real problems, ways to solve them and useful tips.

From the book “How to test on Google” by Arbon Jason, Carollo Jeff, Whittaker James you will learn about all the processes of testing in a large international company. You’ll read what test candidates who try to get on Google go through. We promise a lot of humor and illustrations!

If you want to read more useful books for testers, write us about it in the BK group. We’ll make a selection for you.

And if you don’t have time or are too lazy to figure it out on your own, come to our software testing online gre course. The teachers of IT courses at Adukar are practicing specialists who will gladly teach you all the details of the profession.