The child and the choice of profession

My four-year-old daughter, when asked what she wants to be when she grows up, modestly answers: “A princess.” A good profession, most importantly, rare.

But what if we do not get a prince and list of kindergarten words? It would be desirable to have in stock any other profession. Well, just in case.

Sooner or later everyone faces the problem of choosing a profession. And this choice is one of the most important in life.

Knowledge is power.
In order to choose, you need to know what to choose. It is great if the child knows about the existence of a wide variety of professions. Often a person chooses the profession of his parents or their closest friends simply because he spends his entire childhood in a closed, limited world with

O.I. Semenchenko, head of the psychological and rehabilitation center “Avgur”:

“Pay attention to circus or working dynasties. Circus children are almost born on sawdust, the circus is their native home, and their social circle is very limited. It’s not surprising that they choose a profession related to the circus. At the same time, in the families of actors, the circle of contact is considerably wider, and there are many more professions connected in one way or another with the world of theater and cinema. Maybe that’s why we don’t have so many acting dynasties.

Broaden your knowledge about the world!
More often tell your child about the different professions, a good idea to take a teenager to open house at the institute – and preferably more than one. Regard this while you can without much awe and piety, because it is not necessarily with this university that a child will bind his life later. Go there just as in a museum – to see, talk, get into the atmosphere.
Ask your friends and acquaintances to tell your child about their professions. This, too, is often the trigger for awakening interest in a profession.
Another good option – a variety of clubs and sections where you can not just learn about a new field in theory, but live in it immersed.
With all the variety of choices
But let’s assume that the wonderful school years are coming to an end, and your child’s interests are still not defined. Do not like anything or, conversely, like too much. Or at first I liked, and then came a bitter disappointment. How to determine the choice?

To do this, there are special methods that allow you to identify the basic aptitudes and interests and select the appropriate specialties. For the most part, they are focused on “young men, contemplating life,” but often adults, and men in their forties and fifties turn to a psychologist with a request to pick a profession. After all, work that is not in love and does not suit a specific person sometimes leads to very unpleasant consequences, including depression, mental disorders and somatic illnesses. We sometimes do not even realize the scale of the disaster caused by the “wrong profession.

Psychologist O.I. Semenchenko tells:

“In my practice recently there was such a case. My mother brought her twenty-four-year-old daughter for an appointment. The girl had recently graduated from college with a degree in economics, with a red diploma, her mother took her to her firm as an accountant. Her mother also chose this profession for her daughter: it was a clean job, well-paid and always in demand. The girl has always been an obedient daughter, and in this case, especially did not resist her mother’s choice, although she never had a heart for papers and numbers. And it wouldn’t matter, but by the time she was twenty-four, the girl had no boyfriend, she never went to the disco either, all she did was sit at home, with her mother.

We did a vocational orientation test. The result was staggering. The only category that made the list of banned professions was economics! We began working with the girl, picked up a completely different area of activity – she became a sales assistant in the salon of luxury expensive cosmetics. For her a completely different life began, where she could finally open up and feel herself in her element. For a talented consultant began to fight for the heads of several departments. And after five sessions, she called me and said she would not come to the next meeting, as he and his friends are going to a vacation home.

Often parents do not even think that their child may have a pronounced ability to, say, journalism or biology, on the simple grounds that “we are not in the family of a single journalist. However, the bull’s-eye sometimes bounces pretty far from the tree. Our main task is not to interfere with it and to help it choose the right direction.

When it’s time to be determined
From 0 to 7 years old general diagnostics may be performed – how developed memory, attention, perception (auditory and visual), thinking, and creative abilities are. A psychologist will determine which hemisphere is leading, since it is the right or left hemisphere that determines where a child’s abilities will be most pronounced.

From 7 to 11 years, children become actively interested in various professions, but it is still early to talk about serious career guidance, only preliminary ideas can be made. However, pronounced interests and abilities can already be developed now – at this age, talent is impossible to miss.

Teenagers are already trying to assess themselves, their psychological and physiological resources, so from the age of 12, career guidance tests can already be conducted.

Usually such tests include five main areas:

“man – technology”
“man – man”
“man -signal system”
“man – artistic image.”
The examination must be comprehensive, and it is better to entrust it to a specialist – after all, the test must be competently conducted and then the results adequately interpreted. And the efforts expended today will pay off tomorrow.