Who is a bilingual child

Bilingualism, that is, bilingualism, is the possession of two languages and https://argoprep.com/blog/inquiry-based-learning/. A person equally knows both languages, understands them, actively uses them. There are both individual cases of bilingualism, and mass ones, when the whole country or any part of it communicates in two languages.

A vivid example of mass bilingualism is Ukraine, where 20% of children simultaneously use two languages ​​- Ukrainian (state) and Russian. In the US, 28% of children are considered bilingual, and globally, more than 45%.

It is worth distinguishing bilingualism from ordinary knowledge of foreign languages. It’s simple: bilingual children start speaking and thinking in both languages ​​at the same time. They can express their feelings equally well on each of them.

It is believed that the optimal age for learning two languages ​​is from 3 to 15 years. But all researchers agree in one opinion – the sooner you start, the better.