Yoga clothes for women

In my opinion, a comfortable top for yoga classes for women is a sports shirt with an integrated top or a regular t-shirt and a sports top. However, instead of a sports top, it can be a cotton bra without gaskets, which does not chafe during exercise. The choice of top depends on the intensity of the exercise: If it is a dynamic exercise with jumps and throws, the top should have good fixation properties. More:

As for the pants, you can also practice in ordinary knitted sports pants, or they can be leggings or alladinas (afghan pants). In my experience, not all sports pants are suitable for the exercises – for example, it is extremely uncomfortable to do yoga in glossy sports pants with a low-sitting waistband. Many people prefer alladins because they have a loose fit and add a certain casualness to the yoga experience. There are models of jersey pants with a high waistband that can be folded over several times, and roomy pants with elastic bands at the bottom. Quite a comfortable model that is not too tight and at the same time free of unnecessary material. However, the elastic pants probably have the most fans: they are very comfortable, do not interfere, the teacher can better see the depth of the asanas, the disadvantages are the synthetic material and the possibility of excessive attention, but about that later.