Yoga philosophy and food

Practitioners prefer natural unprocessed products that fill the body with natural energy and tune in to development and self-knowledge.
Proper nutrition yoga is based on three principles:

The name of this principle is most often translated as “non-violence”. The main idea of ​​Ahimsa is that all living beings on the planet are interconnected, which means that if you do no harm, then you maintain balance. Therefore, many practitioners reduce or eliminate meat, fish, and dairy products from their diets by adding more vegetables and fruits to their plates.

It is a state of equanimity and calmness. Many yogis choose sattvic foods because they calm the heart and bring clarity to the mind. Such food – it is usually fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, herbs and spices – contains all the necessary micronutrients for the health of the body.

Practice cleanliness and tidiness. To achieve Shauchi, yogis forgo chemicals and flavor enhancers, adding only fresh, unprocessed, organic foods to their plate.

It is important that food bring as much energy as possible and at the same time remain healthy. Nuts, leafy greens, and legumes are excellent sources of high-quality protein. You will find the necessary fats in seeds, nuts, avocados. And carbohydrates can appear on the plate in the form of honey, dates, dried apricots or bananas.