Sukhasana and Parivritta Sukhasana

Execution technique We sit down with crossed legs – we take the heels a little further from the pelvis, so that we get a triangle when viewed from above. Heels under knees. We check that the position of the pelvis is even, both ischial bones are pressed to the rug or floor. We push off from this support and reach for the top of the head. So that there is no deflection in the lower back, we slightly tighten the stomach, directing the navel towards the spine.

We take our shoulders back in a circular motion and lower them down. We also lower the chin down a little to stretch and relax the back of the neck. We do 5-10 deep breaths and exhalations here, filling both the stomach and ribs with air. With the next exhalation, we turn to the right – we place the right hand behind the back, but do not transfer the weight of the body to it. With the left hand, hug the knee or thigh of the right leg. Keep your back straight and continue to reach the top of your head towards the ceiling. We stay here for 3-5 cycles of deep breathing. As you exhale, return to the center and perform the exercise on the other side.

Simplifications. A folded blanket or blocks can be placed under the pelvic bones. If in twisting breathing becomes shallow and there is a feeling of tightness in the abdomen or chest, you should slightly turn forward and thereby relieve tension.

Benefit. A static position helps to concentrate, become aware of the sensations in the body, immerse yourself in the observation of the breath, calm the mind, form a posture. In twisting, the work of the abdominal organs is stimulated, the mobility of the vertebrae increases.