Jul 16

How to prep for gre for the test work

How do you prepare for the test? What is school routine? Calls, briefcase, notebooks, diary, textbooks, the teacher, classmates, shift, which should not leave black stripes on the school linoleum, sadness about the two and the joy of fives … And constant quizzes and tests. How do you successfully pass these tests? How do you […]

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Jul 13

How to prepare a child for school at home at age 6, gre verbal practice

The idea that everything that a literate person should know and be able to teach a child at school is long gone. If before most parents believed that preparing a child for school and studying with him at home – only to deprive him of that childhood, now such ideas are considered wrong. Parents try […]

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Jul 04

How to choose a kindergarten? And list of kindergarten sight words.

The preschool education system has undergone major changes in recent years. If earlier absolutely all institutions were considered kindergartens and worked with children on one common “Program of education and training in kindergarten”, now the stories of two neighbors on the playground about the kindergarten can be different, like the sky and the earth. And […]

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Jul 02

Testing software from scratch: what a beginner QA should know.Practice gre tests.

if you’re wondering how to become a test taker from scratch, you’re in the right place. Let’s tell in detail what a beginner QA-engineer needs to know in order to get a job in his specialty. In order not to pour water, we asked Adukar IT course teachers what practical skills you will need, what […]

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Jun 14

How fast can you learn anything?

In a popular book called “Chef in Four Hours”, its author Tim Ferris tells how you can learn to cook. But it’s not the only book that’s useful. Ferris shares how to quickly master any skill, be it exotic language, juggling or remembering cards in a limited time. The author says that there are common […]

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Jun 13

How do you learn to read quickly and a lot? Tips and tricks

We tell you how to learn to read more, faster and more effectively.100 books a year is real. With a superficial calculation is not such a difficult task, because you only need to read one book in 3-4 days. And considering that many of them contain no more than 250 pages, the task becomes easy. […]

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Jun 11

How do you learn to think a few steps forward and consider different options?

1.Avoid tactical hell Robert Green, author of “48 Laws of Power” and “33 Strategies of War”, claims that “most of us exist in the reality of a tactical hell. Tactical hell is a place where we constantly respond to the demands and needs of others, driven by impulses and emotions rather than logic. We need […]

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Jun 10

How to Learn Anything Quickly: 6 Basic Rules

Scientists have been studying for many years how to accelerate the absorption of new knowledge. Sean Kim, author of Entrepreneur, gave some tips on this topic. How great it would have been to know Spanish three years ago… How great it would have been to understand investment when I was only twenty years old… I […]

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Jun 09

How to determine the state of the economy and not to lose profit

At the stock exchanges there is a certain set of indicators characterizing the current state of the economy and prospects for economic trends. Watching market indicators and analyzing them, it is possible to make balanced and adequate investment decisions for the long term. Millions of investors around the world follow these indicatorsand examine them literally […]

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Jun 07

What are economic cycles

It’s no secret that in market economies, production, employment…and other macroeconomic indicators are subject to cyclical changes, i.e. when all major variables replace each other with periods of rise and fall. In my opinion, what we’re seeing in the U.S. economy and stock market right now can be characterized by the title of Pink Floyd’s […]

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