Working with the subconscious mind in yoga nidra practice

At this stage of my personal development I see the maximum benefit of yoga nidra and in the work with the subconscious mind. For a fragrant garden to grow and trees to bear fruit, it is necessary to uproot withered stumps, remove weeds and get rid of poisonous plants.

The visualization process is set in motion…

Yoga nidra is a tantric technique. Again a reference to tantra. From the scattered bits of knowledge there is an opinion that tantric methods are close to me, they seem more feminine – not to take and bind myself with exhausting ascesis, but gradually and systematically work through the unacceptable aspects of personality.

Not to fight your nature and habits, not to cut the weed off over and over again, leaving the root in the ground, but to dig deeper. The root is in the subconscious. So that’s where you have to dig.

I believe most thinking people understand what’s wrong with them. They see their shortcomings, they know that they need to work with them, and they even try to take action. But very often this happens forcibly, with an unthinkable strain of willpower, and when it wears thin, everything returns to the old ways, often even with a setback.

In order to mold something new – a new statue, it is necessary to soften the old one and, with the help of plastic movements, give the prepared material the desired shape. Yoga nidra is designed to prepare the material so that you don’t have to chop it dry. This is how I understand the process.

Against the background of quality relaxation it is possible to penetrate into the deep subconscious structures of the psyche and process mental garbage – childhood traumas, complexes, anxiety. Perhaps clearing and processing of imposed ideas, layers of different rules and routines will help to return childish spontaneity. And the joy of life.

Self-psychotherapy. When going to a psychologist or psychotherapist, it is important to completely trust the person and his or her methods of work in order to receive quality results from the sessions. How can you completely trust another person?) Maybe success is more likely if you do the therapy yourself? But how do you learn to ask the right questions to find the right answers? Dive into the subconscious. Greetings, yoga nidra!

I don’t think this is the topic of an essay-it’s the topic of a powerful study. When working with the subconscious mind, an individualized approach to practitioners is important. I will work through Swami Saraswati’s work as much as possible and start with myself as always.
Very inspiring.